notes, winter solstice 30.06.18


Artist: Wilna van der Walt, The orange sellers, oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm

It is as if the unconscious tells me: be patient and bear with it. A new dawn will follow.

The picture was taken by my sister-in-law during a trip through KwaZulu-Natal. What spoke to me most was the relaxed attitude of the portrayed figures.

One must have an attitude of patience and bear with many things. Preparations must be made for change in the future. The fruits of wisdom, love, have real value – something I had difficulty realising for a long time. In this roadside image the two women are now seated, waiting and ordering the oranges, the alchemical balm. There is time to bear and wait, like a mother carrying a child.

The implanting of the upside-down tree, or the tree growing back to the mother, earth, or alchemical process, is supported by the two males – one a man, the other a boy, not yet mature. They are two aspects of the animus. The implanting of the tree brings bout the arrival of the old woman. As the balm, she is the wisdom and helper.

The young woman is preparing to undertake the journey to the holy feminine (purple is the mulberry woman) mountain of their birthright from which they are still cut off by the devil’s fork hedge of the wrong kind of guilt. At first, the truth is carried in projection, on the other side. One has to take up the quest. When one takes others’accusations and projections on to one’s shoulders, one takes on guilt that does not belong to one’s own self. This needs to be differentiated out.

excerpt: ‘The old woman and the moon, an inner journey in oil’ – Wilna van der Walt

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