Helen van Stolk – The Gold that Binds Us

Helen’s Solo exhibition will be opened by Leslie Charnock on Sunday, 3rd September 2017 at 4:30 p.m.

duration of exhibition: 3rd – 30th Sept 2017

Van Stolk explores her intuitive response to abstraction within the figure and the landscape. She takes us on a sensory journey connecting us to the human form.

“Picture books are what I read… I did as a child and still do as an adult. I feel and think through images, far more than with sound and words. So I guess it is not surprising that it is through art that I express myself.

My work focuses on provoking a feeling, an emotion – be it in the figure or landscape. So much can be said with colour, line and shape. Colour, light, my surroundings and thoughts play themselves out onto the canvas.

My intuitive use of gold has led me to Kinsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. It embraces the flawed or imperfect, making it beautiful for just that. It carries connotations of fully existing in the moment amid changing conditions. A physical expression of the spirit. Think of the image of a bowl, completely open, yet contained.

This analogy explains what I aim to achieve within my work, embracing the story, the picture book, the golden thread that runs through my work and my life.”

– Helen van Stolk


Winter Solstice Exhibition

Dream now, dream not – the annual Winter Solstice exhibition

Duration of exhibition:1st June – 1st July 2017

Consider the drift of sleep where dreams, unbounded by the contentions and stark
realities of our waking existence, carry us to shores where strange fantasies cloak
our desires.

What has emerged in 2017 is an opportunity for viewers to peep through the keyhole
to reveal fragments of the unconscious mind, a fascinating collection of artworks.

Participating artists:

Jeremia Ackerman, Paul Birchall, Rachelle Bomberg, Derek Drake, Normand Dunn,
Lambert Kriedemann, David Kuijers, Christopher Langley, Jen Lewis, Carol Mangiagalli,
Bangikaya Maqoqa, Peter Meikle, Kim Mobey, Xolile Mtakatya, Mandy Spiegel,
Jan Uitlander, Wilna van der Walt, Peter van Straten, Judy Woodborne

Mixed media
Margot Hattingh, Brian Johnson, Mary-Ann Orr

Anine Barnard, Kit Dörje, Rae Goosen, Eleanora Hofer, Peter Midlane, John Moore,
Sheila Petousis, Michele Rolstone, Malibongwe Shangase, Hildegard van Heerden

Tania Babb, John Bauer, Anton Bosch, Yandiswa Mkaza, Theo Ntuntwana

B. Ernest Manfunny, Ella-Lou O’Meara

Thami Kitty, Louis le Sueur, Uwe Pfaff

Bronze Sculpture
Niel Jonker


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